Our Leaders

Pastor Jerry Burns Jr. (Pastor Jay) is a dynamic American
Christian minister, evangelist, and church founder. Pastor
Jay was born in 1970 to Reverend Jerry and Johnette Burns, pastors 
of Cathedral of Faith in Chowchilla, California. In 1981, 
running with the vision God had given him, Rev. Jerry 
Burns, Sr. moved his family to Fresno CA. It was at this time
that Pastor Jay and his siblings were anointed and received
the gift to minister in music. Though they had never had 
lessons, they began to lead worship services immediately. 
From 1984 to 1991 Pastor Jay served in various 
capacities of ministry at Lakehill Assembly of God, North 
Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1991, Pastor Jay entered 
full-time ministry as Music Minister of Harvest Fellowship 
Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It was at this time he began to develop his unique blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music.
In 2008, Pastor Jay established Covenant Life Church in Conway, Arkansas. Since founding CLC, Pastor Jay has been used by the Holy Spirit to win the lost, and has seen many filled with the Holy Spirit and many delivered from drugs and alcohol.

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